CNA Continuing Education

As we know, CNA's have continuing education (CE) requirements similar to those of other licensed professionals.

Self-employed CNA's sometimes have challenges in meeting this requirement, but they also have some interesting opportunities. There is no....
need to be bored.  For example, there are professional conferences. Here in South Florida, the annual Alzheimer's conference provides that kind of opportunity. The conference lectures are the types of things that you would certainly want to attend anyway. Attendees can meet recognized leaders in their subjects, and get updated on the latest research and developments. As a bonus, licensed providers can get CE credit for attending.

For those who just can't get away from their client commitments, professional organizations can help. In Florida, for example, there's the Florida Association of Professional Caregivers. They provide coursework for home study at a reasonable cost. Just complete the course materials at your convenience and mail them in for grading and credit. Sometimes these organizations also have no-cost lectures for credit.

Why shouldn't meeting CE requirements be really interesting?

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