Disaster Preparedness for Diabetics

We don't want to wait until a natural disaster is at our doorstep to think about getting ourselves prepared. Here in Florida hurricanes are a worry, but almost every part of the country has its own natural disaster threats.

As caregivers we have special concerns and responsibilities, especially when we are caring for those with special needs. Diabetics are an example.

There are many articles and checklists available online these days. Here is a link to a helpful example of a checklist for diabetics. In Florida, aside from having a secure residence not vulnerable to flooding, we have to assume that we could be without power for a week or longer, and that we might not have access to medicine, food, or other supplies.

We need to have an ample supply of medications, including the insulin, and be aware of the visual signs for the particular type (either clear or cloudy, not sticking to sides of bottle, etc.). For food, we need a variety of appropriate, sugar-free foods with long expiration dates, that don't require cooking. Crackers, canned tuna and such, peanut butter, canned fruits in very light or no syrup, and of course plenty of water.

When checking supplies on hand it's easy to forget about expiration dates, so this is a good time to make sure that we aren't relying on last year's stockpile.

Of course, there are the usuals, including flashlights, extra batteries and all. Better to think about getting food and other supplies ahead of time rather than waiting for that first storm advisory.

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  1. Gertrude,
    You are a star! As a GCM who is also very concerned with Hurricane preparedness this time of the year, I found your Diabetes Plan very valuable indeed! Thank you.
    Olga Brunner, http://www.agooddaughter.com