Hand washing

Please excuse me if I seem upset about this.

We've all see the headlines like "Inadequate hospital hand hygiene is spreading MRSA."

CNA's in most states are even tested on hand washing. Hospitals are increasing enforcement of the procedures. Is it working? Or do we still see situations where the staff wash their hands when they enter the room, put on the latex gloves, then.....
go about their duties in the room touching one patient, then the next? When they leave, they throw out the gloves, then do the same in the next room? At least the staff... is protected from MRSA, right?

We won't win friends when we point this out. I certainly don't make many. But we need to speak up.

Too many of our clients have contracted MRSA and other infections unnecessarily.

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  1. It wasn't in the US and it happened a few years ago, but guess why I didn't return to the following dentist? She walked in wearing rubber gloves already, spoke on the telephone wearing her gloves (!!!) in my presence and then proceeded to stick her fingers in my mouth. I wish I'd had the guts to say something at the time.

    I did end up with a sore throat a few days later and I always wondered whether it was psycho-somatic.